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Studio Spaces


Studio Space

This north-facing, New York City inspired loft studio featuring 16 ft. ceilings, and bright white walls are perfect for photography/videography productions. The space is uniquely curated with custom-made furniture and a variety of gathered treasures to use as styling props for your creative needs. This space features a bright, newly renovated chef's kitchen, which makes this space perfect for hosting your creative productions, meetings, and small events.

location: Vancouver. BC


  • In suite bathroom
  • 16ft ceiling, loft windows, concrete floors, and white walls
  • Black and White curtains as a backdrop option
  • Open concept, newly renovated kitchen (featuring a gas range stove, dishwasher, coffee maker, kettle, and fridge)
  • Custom made furniture 
  • Video lights, stands, reflector, slider
  • Props (product set-ups, aesthetic kitchen items, and random decor)
  • Clothing rack, steamer, iron, lint roller
  • Colourful Lightbulbs (via remote)
  • Remote Blackout Blinds for controlled lighting 
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Large Elevator


All the furniture is completely one of a kind and unique. 

We offer an entire display of product/food photography setups (props; including cutlery, plates, glasses, vases, etc. and backdrops, styling props, video lights, v-flats, and a slider.