m a y b e r r y

Capturing the glimmers.

A glimmer is a subtle light that doesn't shine continuously.
We are about crafting stories around these glimmers through authentic visuals. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, we transform ordinary things into extraordinary tales, each frame brimming with the unique spirit of its subject.




We aim to preserve fleeting moments. We specialize in capturing the nuances, the delicate subtleties that often escape us- the tantalizing top note of a fragrance, the gentle warmth of sunlight in a shaded nook, the exquisite first bite of a sumptuous meal. These moments are the glimmers we wish to savour. We share these in captivating visuals and storytelling methods.


Kind words

From past clients

Mariko Studio

Working with Vanessa for my brand photos was such a smooth process. She took extra care to make sure I felt comfortable in front of the camera and was great at giving direction and posing ideas. I provided her with a shot-list beforehand and she executed my vision perfectly.

Our shoot day felt relaxed, enjoyable, and fun! I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for elevated brand photos!



We recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Vanessa for a headshots event in Vancouver. Vanessa was very friendly, welcoming and overall such a lovely host. She did amazing job making our members feel comfortable and confident while taking everyone’s photos.
Her studio was beautiful and had a New York-style vibe, complete with unique furniture and decor that added an extra touch of charm to the session.

We highly recommend Vanessa for professional headshots or photography services in Vancouver. She's not only incredibly talented but also an absolute pleasure to work with!


EDILA STACE-SMITH, Blank tela Studio

Working with Vanessa on multiple brand shoots was such a dream. As someone who was a bit nervous being in front of the camera, she did such an incredible job of making me feel comfortable, safe and respected. It was also fun to work with Vanessa because every time she's able to bring my creative ideas to life - with the end result far surpassing my expectations. Vanessa is now my #1 go-to photographer!


Ashley WooD,  A Line Within

Vanessa and I worked together almost every month for an entire year. From the moment i met her, she was professional, creative, flexible and impressively quick. I'll never forget our first shoot together. it's always interesting working with someone for the first time because you don't know each other's style, rhythm or flow. Vanessa was so accommodating to my preferred way of working while offering her creative direction, producing photos that were so beautiful i wanted to work with her again and again. Over the year, she went into deep snow on a cold day with me, scaled the side of a steep hill and flowed with whatever idea i had in mind for new photos. Vanessa Mayberry is talented, driven, creative, fun to work with and I miss her a lot. anyone who has the honour of working with her is so very fortunate. 


Janelle, Cold Tea Creative

Vanessa is a true artist. Her eye for photography and ability to capture + edit moments is unlike any other! She managed to capture the essence of my brand perfectly and I can’t wait to use my brand photos everywhere. Her attention to detail + expertise with lighting, poses, styling made the shoot so effortless and comfortable! I’m still swooning at the gallery and am so glad I found Vanessa!!


Caitlin Louisa

Vanessa’s brand experience is an incredible one! I’ve never felt so empowered and confident in myself as I did when working with Vanessa. She takes the time to really understand your brand elements and incorporate them into the shoot. From the initial brand call, right to delivery, I cannot dote on this girl enough! I’m a photographer myself but was still jaw-to-the-floor, mind blown when I saw what she created for me in the end. She’s easily the best in the business at what she specializes in and I cannot wait to work with her again in the future!


lineage house

Vanessa has always been our go-to photographer for all things business and more. She always executes the vision and has an amazing eye. She makes you incredibly comfortable in front of the camera and knows how to get that perfect shot. I would recommend her 1000 times over.