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Every action we take and every creation we make shapes our future selves and impacts the stories we tell about our past.

Imagine your future self looking back on images from today and reflecting on who you were and what you accomplished in this life. How do you want to be remembered? Who do you hope to inspire?

Consider your dream job - what legacy do you want to leave in that field? What do you want to be known for?

Finally, what is your authentic love story and how would you share it with future generations?





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Inspired by light, movement, and story, Vanessa's natural drive for creating will bring you uniquely curated, modern, and energizing content.
With over 10+ years experience in photography and videography development, Vanessa's technology background, experience in front of and behind the camera, and her passion for working with people will be a pivotal move for the content you are searching for.


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Kind words

From past clients

Ashley Wood, A Line Within

Vanessa and I worked together almost every month for an entire year. From the moment i met her, she was professional, creative, flexible and impressively quick. I'll never forget our first shoot together. it's always interesting working with someone for the first time because you don't know each other's style, rhythm or flow. Vanessa was so accommodating to my preferred way of working while offering her creative direction, producing photos that were so beautiful i wanted to work with her again and again. Over the year, she went into deep snow on a cold day with me, scaled the side of a steep hill and flowed with whatever idea i had in mind for new photos. Vanessa Mayberry is talented, driven, creative, fun to work with and I miss her a lot. anyone who has the honour of working with her is so very fortunate. 

Janelle, Cold Tea Creative

Vanessa is a true artist. Her eye for photography and ability to capture + edit moments is unlike any other! She managed to capture the essence of my brand perfectly and I can’t wait to use my brand photos everywhere. Her attention to detail + expertise with lighting, poses, styling made the shoot so effortless and comfortable! I’m still swooning at the gallery and am so glad I found Vanessa!!

Caitlin Louisa

Vanessa’s brand experience is an incredible one! I’ve never felt so empowered and confident in myself as I did when working with Vanessa. She takes the time to really understand your brand elements and incorporate them into the shoot. From the initial brand call, right to delivery, I cannot dote on this girl enough! I’m a photographer myself but was still jaw-to-the-floor, mind blown when I saw what she created for me in the end. She’s easily the best in the business at what she specializes in and I cannot wait to work with her again in the future!

lineage house

Vanessa has always been our go-to photographer for all things business and more. She always executes the vision and has an amazing eye. She makes you incredibly comfortable in front of the camera and knows how to get that perfect shot. I would recommend her 1000 times over.

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What is the story you wish to share?

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