A potential client or follower is going to take one look at your page and within seconds they are going to identify if they like your style. A first impression is your visual content that is shared on social platforms, websites, and portfolios. I believe that presenting captivating, professional quality, and intriguing content is critical for representing a powerful business and executing your mission statement. 

With my experience working for a variety of brands at all levels, I have created custom packages specific to various marketing needs.

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I've designed this custom package for small business owners to maintain current, professional content at an affordable cost. 
This shoot is designed for shooting a minimum amount of content in a short amount of time. The general purpose is to gain current content for remaining current on social media platforms and a websites. 

Investment starts at $450

Package No. 1

Small Business


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This package is specialized for full media, website photography, editorials, business portraits, employee group shots, and other sessions that require preplanning and large groups.

Investment starts at $750

Package No. 2

Premium Brand

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My Product Package is for those seeking to get both creative and general photographs of products. Photos are taken out of my home studio space, with natural lighting and various style setups. 

Investment starts at $700

Package No. 3


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In my experience with working for various influencers, I have discovered and set out to create a package that meet the demands of social media management. 
If you thrive through social media communication, then maintaining unique and current content is critical and costly. 
By condensing sessions down to 45 min, you can save on costs next time you only need a quarter of the images you receive! 

Investment starts at $950

Package No. 4