My name is Vanessa and I'm a Vancouver [and desitination] brand, portrait and wedding photographer.

More importantly, I am a real person who wants a life story filled with chapters worth sharing. I want to create unique content for passionate creatives. I hope to experience messy cries over moments that matter and to feel the make-your-cheeks-hurt smiles due to prolonged joy. I want to be exhausted after dancing crazy and breathless after laughing too hard. The goals to turn those ideas of embarking on remarkable adventures into a reality. I wish to share some of the best moments that life has to offer.

I began my photography journey over a decade ago, starting with "editorial" photoshoots with friends, some ridiculous costumes and a 35mm. 

My creative journey has brought me to the understanding that I love working with people who are passionate and admire an intimate and creative process as much as I do.

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