May 2, 2020

Cornelia Bean

“Cornelia Bean is a tribute to a fine lady named Cornelia Boon (1899-1934) who lived a short life in the tiny country of Holland. The word Boon in Dutch is Bean.”

-Cornelia Bean Ltd.

Cornelia Bean approached us to photograph their Holiday campaign line of products. Our goal was to capture and embrace the experience of a Holiday spent well with the presence of these products.
The theme for this photoshoot was nostalgia, a feeling that not only the holiday’s bring, but to emphasize the history of Cornelia Bean Ltd; a family owned business ran by the grandchild and great grandchildren of a Holland woman, named Cornelia. It is a family owned and ran business in the heart of Winnipeg, MB. Therefore, we captured the products in a relatable setting, a country home during the holidays. Followed by a snowfall morning brunch, vintage memorabilia, and settings of unique aromas.

We designed custom mobile wallpapers for a social media gift.

Animation is an authentic way to engage a consumer’s interest. It is an interactive communication to preview their experience.


May 2, 2020

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