September 14, 2019

Lindsei + James


Lindsei and James chose the Marquis Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico to tie the knot. It was only next door where James had proposed to Lindsei on a previous vacation.
After having spent a couple days becoming familiar with the resort, dining with Lindsei and James closest friends and family and taking in some sunshine, their wedding day arrived. I awoke to the sound of the ocean waves from my balcony. Every morning a tiny bread door at the entrance of my hotel room delivered a basket of freshly baked rolls. This day, along with the basket was a surprise letter to me from the bride and groom. They had remained discreet about the locations of events up until the morning of when they surprised every guest with a spontaneous itinerary and personalized letter.
This wedding was special in many ways; The intimacy of the guest list had allowed opportunity for myself to form a very strong bond with everyone. A bond that I know many photographers strive to have with their couples, I am thankful to have with Lindsei and James. The resort was so peaceful and thoughtfully detailed, the staff was friendly and outgoing. The beach was clean, quiet and there were tall rocks not too far away that we ventured out to. As an overall experience, I can’t thank Lindsei and James enough for including me in this sacred chapter.



September 14, 2019