August 22, 2018

Brigitte + Aaron


This session was crazzyyyy!!!
We started the first portion of our evening with a strenuous sweat bath thanks to the incline of the 2 hour trail! Yes, they are kind of an unreal couple.
Then we took advantage of this beautiful golden hour on one of the craziest peaks!! (This elevation for Manitoba is seriously golden, ponyboy).
I had to stop myself from taking endless shots as we were on a strict time schedule. We knew we didn’t want to be hiking back in the dark. This was the case for the most part at least! The hike back was much easier as it involved a downhill hustle, the annoying ringing of my bear bell attached to my camera bag and many trips on the roots that suck out from the ground. Though we didn’t get quite out of the woods before dark, we did make it back to the parking lot to enjoy that 24 pack of water awaiting us. 
I will say one thing that picked up the pace on the way back was the jolting of a bat at my face. It happened so fast and it hit my neck on its way down, just enough for me to say “holy sheeeet” and it’s a miracle how my legs went from feeling like mush to a marathon runner in a heartbeat!